From 3 to 7 April involved 200 young people from 10 schools. The Closing Ceremony With The Minister The Faithful And The Director Of The Corral

Rome-the proposed Citizenship Scholas educates Francis, already present in all 190 countries, and a network that includes 446,133 schools, first arrives in Italy with a program of activities from 3 to 7 April on the premises of the Einaudi in Rome involving 200 Is tuto studen between 15 and 17 years, faiths and nationalities ten immigrant and refuge, originating from various public and private schools.

The Pope meets the youtuber and sca to an selfie in the World Congress of Scholas in Va cano. 

The Pope meets the youtuber and sca to an selfie in the World Congress of Scholas in Va cano.

In addition to Is tuto Einaudi are involved: Is tuto Emilio Sereni, high school Maria Auxiliadora Dalmatia, Is tuto Rossellini, College Manara Is tuto Livia Bandewar, Is tuto Amerigo Vespucci, Is tuto Poliziano, IIS Einstein Bachelet, IIS Torricelli and the Is tuto Einstein ‐ Bachelet. The va is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of education, universities and research

During the first day of the program, young people have affrontato some issues ‐ school, corruption, unemployment, social and family indifferenza, discrimination, bullying-by selecting two problem (the indifferenza and discrimination) that will work in a "If diving mana" with analysis, dibatt, collection of finalizza information to develop a concrete proposal to improve society. The program will close Friday 7 April at Is tuto Einaudi (street of Santa Maria alle Fornaci, 1) with submitting proposals and declarations of commitment of students during a ceremony where the Minister will name family, the world Dire?ore Scholas, José María del Corral and both civil and religious authorities of the Holy See.

It is an international organization of law pon ficio built and created by Pope Francis on August 13, 2013, present in 190 countries with a network that includes all schools and educates King 446,133 ve religious confessions, both public and private.

Its lens is to promote a culture of encounter for peace through education. Scholas there adinanza is a program for the training of students of secondary schools that highlights the importance of the participation and civic engagement by promoting a costruttvo approach to problems quo community diani. This global student movement got underway in Argen na, when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was Archbishop of the city of Buenos Aires.

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