Two hundred students involved by the Fondazione Scholas process a document on discrimination and indifferenza delivered to the Holy Father.
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ROME, 7 JANUARY 2017 – ended today in Rome Scholas citizenship, Occurrentes Scholas Foundation event, the Organization promoted by Pope Francesco active for years on issues of training and civil and social growth of young people. Two hundred students between 15 and 17 years of ten public and private schools in the capital lived an "immersive week" feature stories on the premises of the Einaudi in Rome, creating tuto Is a ments program activity in which they are address issues of discrimination and indifferenza with a par strain focus on cyberbullismoI guys have performed DIS , debates, polls that ended with the preparation and submission of proposals and statements for commitment of studen at a ceremony this morning in which I am spokesman: José María del Corral, Director Scholas world; Enrique Gaikwad, Director of Scholas, Simona Montesarchio, Director General of the Ministry of education; Anna Serafini Minister Councillor faithful; Magare, President of the Observatory of cyber bullying; Carlo Rossetti, AISA Lazio. Par ticularly means all participation by Paolo Picchio, father of Carolina, young victim of cyberbullying and the pillory. At the end of the ceremony, an olive branch of peace was planted in the garden of the SI tuto Einaudi who hosted the entire program of Scholas citizenship.

Very interesting the investigations and analysis of 200 from emerged from Roman students who also interviewed mol peers Romans. The Working Group on indifferenza notes that 71.3% of interview is "indifferenza" in Roman society, ascribing this social dynamic in family education (47.7%), narrow minded (45.4%), ignorance (31%) and selfishness (44.9%). In this context, 50.2% think that education and training scolasttica not help no young people to respect themselves and others. The team that affrontato the issue of discrimination emphasises that 78.7% of young interview attended at least once in an act of discrimination ‐ for physical appearance, nationality of origin, social condition ‐ while 43.3% s is sen to discriminated directly, with 54.6% of the latter who then reacted physically.

The complete document made by the students Romans was delivered in the afternoon by President José María del Corral in the hands of the Pope during a meeting at the Vatican.

José María del Corral has traced this budget concluded: "for the first time, the Foundation has brought the program Scholas Scholas citizenship in Italy. Start working in Rome, in the capital of Cris anità, is a source of pride for all of us. So far we have done since, mol years ago, then-Archbishop Bergoglio began working with Scholas in the outskirts of Buenos Aires on the themes of education and training young people. But so far we still have to do to help young people. From 200 Roman students who participated in this week of study we had a beautiful answer in terms of participation and growth. From them we received an amazing achievement and at the same time one s Pier to go ahead ".


It is an international organization of law pontificio built and created by Pope Francis on August 13, 2013, present in 190 countries with a network that includes all schools and educates King 446,133 ve religious confessions, both public and private. Its aim is to promote a culture of encounter for peace through education. Scholas citizenship is run training for high school students that highlights the importance of the participation and civic engagement by promoting a constructive approach to everyday problems of the community. This global student movement got underway in Argentina, when he was Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires city.


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