The second charity match promoted by father Francisco which took place October 12, 2016 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, attended by the biggest global football stars, has managed to raise the figure of 260 thousand euros, an important income for several projects

Maradona olive tree of peace

Rome, may 8, 2017 – La Fundación Scholas Occurrentes, CSI, UNITALSI and AMLIB managed a great goal with "United for peace" charity event, the second football game charity that took place October 12, 2016, a party organized by the Francisco Pope will in support of educational and social programs. In total, 260 thousand euros was raised. 

International Foundation of Pontifical right Scholas Occurrentes, together with Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI), Amore e Libertà (AMLIB) and UNITALSI community, decided to unite their efforts to respond to the invitation of his Holiness to "play for peace".

The solidarity movement has managed to raise the necessary funds for the projects supported by the party "United for peace", all with the common goal of creating a culture of peace, understood as a moment of social justice and universal access, especially for children and young people who often live the denial of basic services in education, in different parts of the world, assistance and training.

In Italy, through the CSI is will help the populations of the central part of the country affected by the earthquake through concrete actions in order to reactivate the sports structures of base, the training of educators and trainers, the identification of a sports promoter in the territory with the task of reviving and coordinate the sports associations.

Per SCHOLAS side, solidarity for peace party fundraising is used to program FUTVAL – football with values – aimed at children and adolescents between 7 and 18 years in a situation of social vulnerability and social and educational difficulties. The goal is to work with these guys through schools football, community sports centers and other institutions educating through sport. With educational and athletic activities involving teachers, youth leaders and coaches.

UNITALSI will reinforce its commitment to acceptance and support free of charge to needy people, especially to children, girls and young people (and their families) who are facing frequent trips from the place of origin for plunging into hospitals specializing in different Italian cities; women with children and women who are approaching birth in situations of personal, family and social need; people with disabilities; minors in difficulty.

Finally, a practical help will be given to the project of AMLIB which foresees the construction of modern facilities and centers of education for youth in the province of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.    

Once again, football and sport constitute a support to education for a culture of meeting for peace. The director of Scholas Occurentes José María de el Corral shows his satisfaction saying: "I thank all those who made possible this match which ended 1-0. One for solidarity and zero indifference".

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