As he did to help the victims of the earthquake of Arquata, Italy in October 2016 from the Italian headquarters of Scholas, this time the same international team will arrive in the affected areas where he will work with restorative art clinics from the new headquarters of Scholas in Mexico.

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Scholas team together with the victims of the earthquake in Arquata, Italy.

Mexico, 26 September 2017. After communication between global managers Scholas and the Holy Father, Enrique Palmeyro and José María de el Corral arrive next Thursday 27 to Mexico where they will meet the President of the Mexican Council Advisor, Lic. Héctor Sulaiman, and the rest of its members to establish the modus operandi alongside the civil and ecclesiastical authorities. In order to plan the actions to be developed in the coming months with the educational communities most affected by the earthquake.

Scholas Mexico professionals will join the international team that already worked with the educational communities affected by the earthquake in Arquata, Italy. This team worked together with the Italian Ministry of education carrying out repairing activities in art, technology and sport with young people and children.

During a visit to the country, global managers, together with the Mexican Advisory Council, will tour the affected areas and visit students and teachers rescued from the affected areas. This diagnosis of the situation, together with proposals for actions that Scholas will take place in Mexico, will be discussed with and delivered to the Holy Father and local authorities.

Global director of Scholas, José María de el Corral, said before his trip to Mexico: "for us being in the moments of pain and anguish when it takes everyone's effort and the educational community need to stand, Scholas places the shoulder with concrete actions to recover what was lost. We believe that as it has already done so on other occasions, the Mexican people will come out ahead thanks to solidarity".  


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