After work being Scholas to integrate young people and students of Recoleta and Barrio Parque Villa 31 through programs of Scholas citizenship and music tracks, begins the work that will host the activities of young people and that is It will become the headquarters of Scholas in the neighborhood 31_Padre Mugica to the Argentina.

October 26, 2017, autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina – the Holy Father today visited again the headquarters of Scholas in the Vatican. Received it José María de el Corral, global President of Scholas and Enrique Palmeyro, Secretary of Scholas. During the meeting the Pope held a videoconference with young people of Puerto Rico and Houston, areas affected by disasters recently, and with the headquarters of Scholas in Mexico, Paraguay and Argentina.

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Pope Francis in communication with young people of Villa 31 where Scholas headquarters is being built.

From Villa 31 in the city of Buenos Aires they conversed with him a group of young

that you have participated in various programs of Scholas that took place in the neighborhood. Within the framework of Scholas footprints musical program could capture their aches and dreams in a rap that sang to the Holy Father in the communication: "I would like to change reality with music and that peace in the world. To change the world you need to change the heart. Scholas Villa 31 for the entire planet"were some of the messages that George, William and Daniel passed on to father Francisco.

After listening to them the Pope led them a few words: "is that they have the ability to improvise. The change history is a free heart, not a slave heart. Sometimes I think of young slaves to drugs, they have the slave heart. Please don't be fooled. The drug does not solve them nothing. The drug are stained glass that make you believe that they are precious stones. The drug is then promise of one hour, two hours, ten hours and death. Don't be fooled. Defend the heart that is the best I have."

"We never imagined that this could happen. We had the opportunity to tell the Pope everything that is going on in the neighborhood. Thanking the people of Scholas which gave us the space and the opportunity to express what we do through art and music. Musical tracks us together and we can sit head, thinking about the future, assembling projects and songs. That would not happen if we are on the street or elsewhere. The Pope told us that ourselves not on drugs. It is a good message for the youth of my age. You can choose another way that this is not". Jorge, 21 years old.

Then the Pope Francisco blessed a brick to inaugurate the construction site of the headquarters of Scholas in Argentina in Villa 31 that will be educational, cultural and recreational center available to 26.403 persons residing in the neighbourhood Carlos Mujica.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 6.52.34 PMYoung people talk with father Francis.

From the Highlands to the Vatican:

Nahuel and Sandra, San Antonio de los Cobres, Salta, traveled more than two days to reach the Vatican. In recent months in their village many young people tried to kill themselves jumping from a bridge. But they and their community took that bridge and told the Pope did it through art: "the town is changing. A bridge that was the end of life or as they said others, the solution, has changed. We have transformed that with color, with life, with faith. We have to spread this message to many people in San Antonio de los Cobres. Many thanks to Scholas. It was a very long journey, but it is worthwhile. We are going to get the world on the shoulder and let's fight."said Nahuel excited.

Sandra for his part added: "we fight much to paint the bridge. We thank you for having created Scholas, he helped us a lot, without that we couldn't. You we listened, listened to our call for help. "I come from a small corner of the puna to give something that told me that you asked: the brush with which paint the bridge, which gave him life and which we are honouring all those who left us."

The Pope replied: "you give me an instrument with which started a process so that people will change, with a brush. To change the world just little thing, provided that it is guided by the heart. A brush was your peace, give life to a bridge of death, but because it was guided by a heart. Take care of the heart which is the most beautiful thing that God gave us."

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Sandra delivered to the Holy Father the brush with which painted the bridge.

The headquarters of Scholas in 31:

Villa 31 is one of the villages where the current Pope Francisco put his heart being Bishop and pastor in Buenos Aires. This added to the history of the neighborhood father Mugica, made that Scholas would like to contribute from its specificity, which is just as it began Scholas, as neighbors school, integrating students from different social and cultural realities.

Why was there the first citizenship Scholas with guys who were high school students who lived in the village and boys who lived on the other side of the railway, Recoleta and Barrio Parque. At the end of this experience, he was the Minister of education of the nation at that time and the Minister of education of the city and boys from both sides of the road shared his testimony and its initiatives. From the integration program, arose the subject of addictions, violence and those projects are continued. On the one hand through the Federal network of education, which involves boys of the village next to boys of other Argentine provinces.

Also fruit of the encounter between Recoleta and 31 in that citizenship, was an artistic proposal that is called musical tracks where kids through music and song can express what they are living and socializing with other kids.

Based on this work of integration is that Scholas decided not only to make programs in 31 but installing its headquarters in Argentina, its historical headquarters where he was born around the world, precisely in this neighborhood. The Argentine Government gave land for the construction and being Scholas in the public interest, through the figure of patronage, private capital contributed to just begin this work which will end in may 2018.

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