About Us


Scholas Occurrentes is an initiative aimed at young people in the world that has its origin in the City of Buenos Aires in 2001 when Jorge Bergoglio was Archbishop under the name of " Escuela de Vecinos" and "Sister Schools" integrating public school students and private, of all religions in order to educate young people in the commitment for the common good

About Us

Scholas is an international organization of public good profit driven by Pope Francisco that works with schools and educational communities both public and private, of all religious and secular confessions to restore the educational pact. As an organization of civil society seeks the commitment of all stakeholders to implement the culture of the meeting for peace through education.


Generate a paradigm shift in education through the integration of educational communities with a focus on low-income by the commitment. Relying on technology to design global classroom with the complementation of art and sport, thus recovering the educational pact to realize an integrated and peaceful society.


Transforming the world in sin UN Classroom Walls where all children around the world are integrated and peace.
  • pedrotestimonioPedro, Mozambique

    "I want transform the world, be a superhero "

  • sama-testimonioSana, Dubai UAE

    "With Scholas, we are really changing the world!"