This educational program aims to encourage high school students to strengthen the citizen and peer engagement, starting with those issues that most concern them, generating changes in themselves and in their environment. She works with students from schools in different neighborhoods, religions and forms.
Junior year students from public and private schools participate in this experience. Discuss and perform different activities with the ultimate aim of proposing specific to the problems of their community and educational environment solutions.

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Scholas Oficios is an educational program that offers training for young people and adults who lack the necessary resources for their personal and professional development. Scholas Oficios provides them with the tools and training that will enable them to develop skills that will help them become inserted in the labour market, and excel personally and professionally.

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It is a virtual platform that allows 445,981 educational communities, at different levels, come into contact. From direct dialogue between educators from 190 countries, projects that are driven from Scholas to change and raise awareness about the concept of education they are generated.

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Seeks to give art a central role in the emergence of a new educational paradigm, for its ability to produce a true understanding among different people, organizations, and peoples. Scholas recognizes the need to culture the meeting in the center of educational and social construction, incorporating the dimension of art and play an active, consciousness-raising and transversely in the process of teaching and learning.

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It is an accelerator of educational projects. The technology is ideal to give education its full potential, as well as to raise awareness and generate tools to design a global classroom to recover the educational pact means.

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Values Sports – FutVal

Seeks to build awareness and values to children and youth through sport. The essence of sport and football teaches relate and to work together to prioritize the common good above their own. Seeks to harmonize the development of children living in contexts of vulnerability and engage with the reality of their communities.

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Students of primary rural schools and secondary agro-technical work together to care for and awareness about caring for our common home. agroecological gardens that allow them to produce their own food and understand the importance of the cycles of nature and healthy eating are created. Find solutions that relate social systems and natural systems to each other. This program had its beginnings in March 2016.

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musical footprints

This program of music generates the encounter and the integration from the art between young people of different realities. For 5 weeks groups of 20 young people gather in an itinerant recording studio, compose songs, and record in a professional manner. At the end of the year a sample is made that integrate all the participants of the project.

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